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Course Description

Getting design approval for a website is a minefield of personal opinion, endless iterations, and frustrating debates. It can undermine profitability, damage client relationships, and demoralise you as the designer. That is why we created this course. It will teach you how to:

  • Prevent clients focusing on their opinions of a design.
  • Avoid speculative and Frankenstein design.
  • Gather feedback that is actually valuable for improving the design.
  • Avert the endless cycle of iterations.
  • Stop design by committee.

What You’ll Learn

  • How to realign clients’ thinking to avoid the big design traps.
  • How to agree on the design aesthetics in collaboration with the client.
  • Help the client set priorities for content, business objectives, and audiences.
  • How to present your design in the best way to avoid rejection.
  • How to handle the feedback process and get useful comments.
  • Politics: how to maintain control, avoid “design by committee”, and deal with problematic people.

About the Instructor

Paul Boag is the founder of UK Web design agency Headscape, author of the Website Owners Manual and host of award-winning web design podcast and blog Boagworld.