The Masters of Business Administration, or MBA, is one of the most important advanced degrees for those interested in a business career. This is one of the most impressive features on a business related resume. It is something that can land one candidate a job simply because it shows a higher level of ambition and leadership potential than is seen in other candidates. As great as that is, there is one form of the MBA that is even more impressive. This is the EMBA, or Executive Masters of Business Administration.

An Executive MBA program is different from a standard MBA program in that it is designed exclusively for executives who have already started their careers. This is not a degree that is taken in order to enhance the resume or to increase chances of getting that first good job in management. Rather, it is a degree to enhance the skills of those who have already gotten that first job and started their careers in the business world.

Since it is designed for executives with full time jobs who naturally have very busy lifestyles, these programs have a different structure than other degree programs. Rather than doing most of the learning in a classroom, the program is designed for a lot of the work to be completed in the office or at home. This adds to the workload of working students, but it also makes it possible for executives swamped with personal and business obligations to get through the program without giving up hours at work.

Rather than being annoyed that employees are spending too much time away from the office to go to class, employers are actually very impressed when an employee decides to go for their EMBA. They are often willing to give executives undergoing these programs a reduced workload in order to help them get through the program successfully. Not all employers are able to do this, but they are definitely impressed when an employee makes it through their EMBA program while still doing a full load of work in the office.

The Executive MBA program is extremely focused on corporate level skills that executives need to reach those top corporate positions they aspire to reach. Lower level coursework and unrelated core curriculum is left out, so the real skills can be taught in as little time as possible. There are accelerated courses as well, which make it easier for executives to achieve the EMBA.

With all great things there come consequences, and this is no exception. Executives going through an EMBA program sacrifice a lot in terms of their personal lives. They give up weekends with their families in order to fulfill the classroom requirements of their degree program. They spend extra hours in the office trying to keep up with their studies while fulfilling all obligations of their employment. They sacrifice even more time to research and study.

The months spent studying for an EMBA are vigorous and fast paced, but in the end they are worth the sacrifice. Those executives who make it through the program end up with more stable careers, bigger salaries and more impressive job titles. They also end up with a huge sense of satisfaction and self confidence because they know they have achieved something amazing and worthwhile.

Ezine by Karen Tan