Twitter confirmed it has temporarily suspended the account of controversial right-wing commentator Katie Hopkins. The move was reported earlier by the BBC.

Hopkins, a former MailOnline columnist and presenter on LBC radio, is a veteran of the social media platform, joining Twitter just under a decade ago — and using it to amplify her brand of far-right leaning, liberal-baiting politics. She regularly tweets anti-immigration and anti-Islam sentiments, and has claimed that white British people are now a discriminated-against minority.

It’s not clear which of Hopkins’ tweets led Twitter to finally pull the trigger, although she had recently targeted black British rapper Stormzy for a series of abusive tweets.

In a statement confirming the account suspension, Twitter told us:

Keeping Twitter safe is a top priority for us — abuse and harassment have no place on the service. We take enforcement action against any account that is violative of our rules – which includes violations of our hateful conduct policy and abusive behaviour policy. These rules apply to everyone using our service — regardless of the account involved.

At the time of writing, Hopkins’ account is still visible — although all but one of her tweets has been deleted.

It is not clear whether Hopkins herself deleted the majority of her tweets. Twitter pointed out that users may choose to delete their own Tweets at any time, including by using third-party services which provide the option of deleting all tweets

Two non-visible tweets on Hopkins’ feed are listed as “no longer available” for violating Twitter’s rules.

The remaining visible tweet is a retweet of another user accusing her of inciting racial hatred — which contains a screengrab of a number of abusive tweets Hopkins made targeting Stormzy.

Hopkins’ Twitter biog lists her as “Milo’s Mum” — a reference to Milo Yiannopoulos, another controversial right=wing troll who Twitter banned in 2016 after he incited his followers to harass “Ghostbusters” actress Leslie Jones.

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