Top Tips For Spark Plug Repair In the previous post, we covered the problems with the automotive spark plugs. Now that you know these problems and what causes them, it would be great if you also know how to repair your car's spark plugs. Probably, you would be able to save some money on auto repair. Spark Plugs form a part of the automobile ignition system, hence we would also have a glance on DIY tips for repairing of ignition of the vehicle. Follow these auto parts repair instructions coming weekend, if you have been successful in diagnosing spark plug problems.

Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Tips

The first tip always for any auto part repair is to go through the carmaker's manual. Read it carefully to avoid any kind of confusion at the time of repair. Every manufacturer specifies the time for changing of the car's spark plugs. If its time, do not delay in replacing the auto part.

It is essential to ensure that the other auto parts connected or related in the functioning of spark plugs are in proper condition. If the ignition wires have burned, they need to be changed too.

For checking the wires – Have a look at the the ignition system at night. Its easier to notice the shorting of wires at that time.

Try checking the spark plug wires by pulling each and every wire manually. First switch off your engine and let it cool for some time, else you might harm yourself. Once you pull out one wire, check it for burns, cracks or any kind of discoloration. If found OK fix the wire back into its position. Follow the same step to check all the wires. Any damaged wire should be immediately replaced.

Remember: Do not pull out all the wires at the same time, rather pull them one by one. Otherwise, you might get confused while fixing them in right terminals, causing more auto repair loss.

Change the Spark Plugs – the first step is to clean the debris accumulated on the well of this auto part. Avoid any dirt or dust to fall into the combustion chamber. You may also blow air into the well or brush off the debris so as to clean it properly.

Now remove the spark plug wire. The next step follows is to keep the plug socket over the plug & then unscrew it.

Its time to pick up the new plug. Now just start threading it. Only thing that you need to remember is to not cross-thread it.

Now take the plug & socket and them try lowering it into the plug well. Then screw the plug with a socket extension.

Once you get the feel that the thread have matched, you need to use a ratchet for tightening the plug in its place.

That's it friends, you have successfully replaced your car's spark plugs .

Tools Required During Spark Plug Change Procedure

A Half-inch Ratchet Drive

A Spark-plug Socket with Rubber Retainer A Flexible Drive Coupling

Socket Extensions

Needle Nose Pliers

Other Things That Might Be Needed

Small Stepladder

A Cloth Shield

A Protective Eyewear

A Narrow Paint Brush

Source by Fred Clay