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Course Description

If you’re not using Jade, you’re missing out on some of the fastest HTML you’ll ever write, as well as boilerplate templating methods that will slash your development time in half. In Top-Speed HTML Development With Jade, you’ll learn how to generate full HTML from quick and easy shorthand. You’ll then build on that foundation to create infinitely reusable templates so you never again have to write the same code twice.

What You’ll Learn

  • How to write extremely fast HTML and template efficiently.
  • How to set up Jade.
  • How to use Jade’s HTML shorthand.
  • How to template rapidly using Jade.
  • How you can incorporate other languages.
  • How to use more advanced Jade techniques, such as using JavaScript processes with Jade variables.

About the Instructor

Kezz Bracey is a designer and coder who specializes in web design and development. Her two focus areas are theme development for WordPress, Ghost, and many other themeable platforms, and on finding the latest, most efficient, user focused design and development techniques. You can follow her on Twitter.