The turbulence of Brexit has left both U.K. and European startups alike wondering about the best path forward. From recruiting to acquiring investment to scaling into other parts of Europe, the challenges seem to be mounting. By December, who knows what will have happened on the Brexit landscape, such is the chaos.

At Disrupt Berlin in December, we’ll hear from investor Bindi Karia, who has deep European ties; founder Glenn Shoosmith, who’s expanding his startup internationally; and German-born but U.K.-domiciled VC Volker Hirsch on how to make the right decisions in the face of these obstacles.

Bindi Karia works as a venture partner at large London-based VC Draper Esprit, and has held positions in and around the tech industry for as long as she’s been working. She’s been a consultant at PwC Consulting, worked in corporate environments like Microsoft Ventures, served within a startup at Trayport and was an advisor across a number of organizations (Startup Europe, Techstars Startup Weekend, Tech London Advocates, European Innovation Council, WEF). She’s been a banker with Silicon Valley Bank and currently invests as a partner at a large London-based VC firm, as well as serving on the advisory board for seven different startups. She brings a wealth of knowledge to the conversation and understands the differing perspectives involved in each startup’s journey to success.

Volker Hirsch will bring us not only his perspective as a former entrepreneur-turned-VC but also as a German-born citizen living in the U.K. and dealing with Brexit. He is a partner at Amadeus, working on its early-stage funds, whose investment focus is on artificial intelligence and machine learning, autonomous systems, human-machine interfaces, cybersecurity, enterprise SaaS, digital health and medical technologies.

Volker has founded or co-founded a total of six companies to date. He is currently co-founder of Blue Beck, a 40-strong mobile development house, and a venture partner at Emerge Education, Europe’s leading early-stage edtech investor.

Prior to joining Amadeus Capital, Volker was amongst the first angel investors in companies like Pi-Top, Bibblio (where he is also chairman), Aula Education and Wonde. His personal investment portfolio comprises about a dozen investments with companies based across Europe and the U.S.

Previously, Volker was the chief strategy officer at Scoreloop, a mobile social gaming platform, which he helped grow from (almost) inception to 450 million users at its peak. When the company was acquired by BlackBerry in 2011, he served as BlackBerry’s global head of Business Development – Games.

Lastly, Glenn Shoosmith will bring his perspective as a founder with a substantial operation in the U.K. but who recently expanded into the U.S. Originally founded as BookingBug in 2008, the renamed JRNI (pronounced “journey”) has become one of the market-leading multichannel appointment scheduling and customer journey platforms, helping leading global retailers, banks, central and local governments enhance their customer experience and save costs. JRNI has a team of more than 100 based in London, Boston and Sydney.

Glenn has been a passionate advocate for London and the U.K. as a technology hub within Europe, and in the past has helped shape government policy toward innovation and technology, both as an early advocate for Tech City, and as an advisor and representative of the government nationally and internationally.

Buy your ticket to Disrupt Berlin to listen to this discussion — and many others. The conference will take place December 11-12.

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