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If your event budget is more like dental floss than a shoestring, this is your lucky day. Our $25 Expo Only ticket offers affordable access to an impressive array of presentations — and opportunity — at TC Sessions: Space 2020 on December 16-17.

Full disclosure: The Expo Only ticket does not include networking with CrunchMatch, the free Extra Crunch membership or access to the main stage programming. You’ll need a late registration pass to tap into those opportunities.

So, what exactly do you get with the Expo Only pass? You can explore the expo area to meet and connect with early-stage startups showcasing their innovative tech and talent. You also get access to all the breakout sessions (11 of them at last count) over the course of two days — including the Fast Money series. You need money to build your startup, and this series teaches you where and how to access grants and other funding opportunities.

Don’t miss the two University Research Showcase sessions, where you’ll hear about the latest space research and emerging space technologies. You’ll gain valuable insight on the current and future state of the space industry. Plus, you’ll have two opportunities to watch live pitch sessions and learn what VCs look for in a pitch deck. Get ready to take copious notes.

Schedule conflict? Don’t stress about missing any of the breakouts — they’ll be available as video on demand after the event. Go ahead, meet with a customer, flesh out your pitch deck — and catch up on anything you missed at your convenience.

Now that you know what’s included, here are four stellar breakout examples. You’ll find complete descriptions of all the breakout sessions in the event agenda.

Fast Money: Learn how SMC Space Ventures, AFWERX and Space Force Accelerators work together to connect startups to government organizations and resources in the space industry.

University Showcase — Boldly Innovating in Space, for Space (Part One): will feature scientists and academics from USC, MIT, UCLA, ASU and Caltech, Aerospace Corporation’s partners, sharing insights on their space research and highlighting a range of emerging space technologies.

Pitch Feedback Session: Join us for a pitch feedback session open to all startups exhibiting at TC Sessions: Space 2020 moderated by TechCrunch staff.

Starburst x TechCrunch Pitch Me to the Moon: Ten promising early-stage space startups will present their innovations live to a panel of high-profile judges from across the industry.

Don’t let a dental floss budget keep you from attending TC Sessions: Space 2020. Buy your Expo Only ticket now and get ready to discover up-and-coming startups, find funding resources and learn more about the latest space research and technology.

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