Smart is a template for Personals, Politicians, Dentists, Athlete and others Celebrities. This template is fully featured with modern technologies and animations with all major web browser supported. This template is specially built for personals who are want to expose himself/herself to the internet with the better way. Smart is perfect for developers or site owner who have basic knowledge of web and creating his website with the easy way Because Smart comes with well commented and human written and readable codes. Smart can be run any device like Android, iPhone, iPad, Mac and Windows Because Smart is fully responsive and fluid layout for any devices.

Smart Template

Suitable for:

  • Personal Resume or CV
  • Web Designer Resume or CV
  • Web Developer Resume or CV
  • Doctor Site, Resume, CV
  • Player Resume, CV and Site
  • Athlete Personal Site
  • Celebrity Resume, CV
  • Politician Site, Politician Personal Site, Politician Donation
  • Politics Party