Starting a small business can be exhilarating, and it all starts with an idea. Oh yes, the idea grows and grows, and before you know it, that idea becomes so powerful that you can’t resist the thought of implementing it. So there you go, off to the races in full force!

You started your business, but things didn’t go as well as you hoped, so your enthusiasm waned. How do you get that excitement back up and running?

Following are five tips to help you get back on track and get excited again, but before you start, you’ll need a comfortable, quiet space, an alarm clock, a writing tablet, writing or coloring utensils, and most importantly, your original business plan (or ideas folder).

(1) Pull out the original business plan you created some time back. Yes, the one you haven’t looked at for a while. This is the easy step, the next ones are harder to do.

(2) Find a comfortable quiet space, set your alarm clock (on gentle sound) for forty-five minutes to an hour. Allow yourself to contemplate on your initial purpose of your business.

(3) As you read each line of your original plan, focus on the words and ideas you wrote. Circle your main initial goal, the purpose of starting your business. What inspired you?

(4) Allow yourself to feel that wonderful and strong emotion you felt when your idea first sprouted. Read and re-read your original plan. Can you feel it? Will you allow that enthusiastic smile to return? It just takes a few seconds!

(5) Take a deep breath and on a piece of paper, jot down two action steps you will take within the next 24 hours, for example, reply to that email you’ve been putting off.

The waning of enthusiasm is a common happenstance with many small business owners and may happen at any stage of their business operation. These waning of interest may last days, weeks, months, or even years. Best advice, take action once you’re aware of it.

The steps above may look like simple steps, but sometimes that’s all a small business owner needs to get back on his or her feet. You’d be surprised at how far simple steps can take you once you get up and going again. That said, let’s get you up and running again, exhilarated, and growing with your original business purpose.

So, there you go… It’s off to the races and back in full force!

Ezine by Krystalina Soash