Skilify HTML Template LINK

Skiliyfy is a unique online learning website template designed keeping in the mind the latest trends and with an aim to simplify and make the online learning experience better for the students and the teachers. This Web Application is designed based on UX Research inorder to provide the best experience that boosts the conversions and make students fell in love with the learning, This App is the best fit for the one looking to launch their own online learning platform or planning to take their offline coaching business online utilizing the power of the web. This Web Application design features a unique design. The Application is designed in Sketch and is prototype ready so you can fell the user flow and provide you all within the application that you need in order to get your e-learning website build.

Template Features

  • 01_Homepage
  • 02_Homepage
  • 03_Homepage
  • 04_Homepage
  • 05_Course_Page
  • 06_Search_Page
  • 07_Course_Details
  • 08_Course_Details_Curriculum
  • 09_Course_Details_Instructor
  • 10_Course_Review
  • 11_Course_01_Overview
  • 12_Course_01_Curriculum
  • 13_Course_01_Instructor
  • 14_Course_01_Review
  • 15_Teacher_Profile
  • 16_Cart_Page
  • 17_Check_out
  • 18_Login
  • 19_Register
  • 20_Blog
  • 21_Blog_Details
  • 22_Contact_us
  • 23_About_us
  • 24_Member_Ship_page
  • 25_instructors_list
  • 26_Course_Fullview
  • 27_Course_Fullview
  • 28_Live Call
  • 29_Discuss_Popup
  • 30_Course_Quiz
  • 31_Course_Quiz_Fail
  • 32_Course_Quiz_Pass
  • 33_Course_Quiz_Share & refer
  • 33_Event_page02
  • 34_Course_Calendar
  • 35_Course_Calendar_Create
  • 36_Teacher Profile
  • 37_Teacher Course
  • 38_Teacher Notes
  • 39_Teacher Project
  • 40_Teacher Podcast
  • 41_Teacher Books
  • 42_Teacher Review
  • 43_Event_page02
  • 44_Event_page
  • 45_Event Details
  • 46_404
  • Sources & Credits