With its distinct and vibrant design, Scope helps you to be bold and stand out.

Like any template on ThemeForest, Scope gets your creative juices flowing. And it saves you a bit of time too. From brainstorming; from wireframing; from mockups.

If you’re a web designer, photographer, logo designer, graphic artist, or creative professional in the field of design and you want to carve out a unique web presence, this template will definitely get you going in the right direction.

There are a total of seven PSD files included to help you build an awesome portfolio website for yourself or for your organization:

  1. Home.psd
  2. Services.psd
  3. Portfolio.psd
  4. Case Study.psd
  5. Blog.psd
  6. About.psd
  7. Contact.psd

This template makes use of three fonts: Lucida Sans Unicode, which comes preinstalled in Windows, is used for the body copy. (Mac users can use Lucida Grande, a preinstalled OS X font, as a substitute.) Myriad Pro, which comes with Photoshop, is used for the headings. And the Scope logo makes use of the font Tw Cen MT Bold, which can be purchased here.

If you haven’t yet, hope you take some time to browse the screenshots above.