After pushing back a planned early-October launch, Samsung has introduced the Android 10 beta of its One UI. The 2.0 version of the Android skin follows a little less than a year after the first version’s beta (released in November 2018). The concept goes counter to the earliest Android overlays, instead intending to create a simpler take on Google’s operating system.

Manufacturers’ longstanding instance on putting their own stamp on Android is understandable — if sometimes misguided. Samsung’s initial stated intention for One UI is to let software and hardware “work together in perfect harmony,” to paraphrase Stevie Wonder.

Samsung One UI Beta Program Cat S10 full screen

One UI is largely a success on these fronts. And Samsung is understandably cautious about the rollout, opting again for a public beta version ahead its Android 10 release. “Select” Galaxy S10 owners in the U.S. can sign up for the program starting today, with a final release “in the coming months.” There are a lot of Galaxy phones out there, so the company clearly wants to get the experience right, gathering up user feedback in the process. 

Here’s what’s new, per Samsung:

  • A new, smarter layout with animated icons and improved edge lighting
  • An enhanced Dark Mode that reduces display brightness while viewing content and provides battery saving benefits
  • Minimized pop-ups, embedded loading indicators and the ability to only view buttons the user needs
  • A streamlined design where notifications take up less space, allowing users to stay up to date while focusing on the task at hand
  • Focus Mode to pause apps temporarily for times when you need to minimize distractions

More info on Samsung’s blog.

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