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Roxxe Multipurpose Shopify Theme is Better than Wokiee

Responsive Multipurpose Shopify Theme

Roxxe is a ground-breaking all-purpose responsive Shopify theme that will become a great web solution for literally any online business. This template is an all-in-one solution to create a perfect online store fit for any business niche purpose.

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Official Shopify Application Integration

Floatton ‑ Floating Buttons -(by Hura) is a Shopify application that helps you create sticky floating link buttons to give your user easily accessible contents throughout your store.

Roxxe - Responsive Multipurpose Shopify Theme - 7

Hura FB Messenger -is a Shopify application that helps you integrate the Facebook Chat widget in your store. When visitors send a message via the Facebook Chat widget, it goes right to the inbox of your Facebook Page.

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Please note: Zemez Wishlist is preferable to use for domains from and Growave wishlist – for custom domain names.

Growave – is the all-in-one marketing platform that empowers your Shopify store with product reviews, wishlists, loyalty programs, referrals, social login, and UGC.

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Klaviyo Email Marketing – will get you up and running faster, build more relationships, and make more money.

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Trust Hero – allows improving sales and conversion rates by displaying trust and security badges to your customers.

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Exit Intent Popup – Engage your website visitors with a user-friendly popup & on-site message toolkit and boost your sales. Promote special offers, reduce cart abandonment, facilitate social sharing with the help of about 200 diverse pop-up mockups.

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Email Collection Bar – helps store owners to capture emails from the site visitors, as well as greet existing customers when they visit your site again.

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Quick Announcement Bar – allows keeping your customer in tune about your website updates, promotions, and special events is a key element of managing customer relationship

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Free Shipping Bar Application – allows displaying your free shipping offer in the form of the customizable bar. Can be displayed in any position of your Homepage, has fully responsive design, and optimized for all screen sizes including desktop, tablet, and mobile.

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Ultimate Sales Boost (so called Deal of the Day app)- the application allows pushing up sales and attracting more clients by creating and setting the daily deals for single or multiple products and display it anywhere on your online store with a countdown.

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Multipurpose Powerful Design Options

Roxxe Shopify theme features a unique design created in accordance with the current modernizations in a web-design sphere. All the topics are designed appreciating the necessity of presenting all the advantages of the themes and the ability for each client to find something special and suitable for him making it possible to create a one-of-a-kind web store.

Thank’s to Shopify Visual Builder, you will be able to construct and build as many HomePage layouts as you want just reordering the sections according to your business needs.

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Multifaceted Website Design eCommerce Template Features

Roxxe responsive multipurpose Shopify theme is an innovative solution in web-development. We are proud to say, that we have managed to gather more smart features and more premium options to satisfy even the most sophisticated clients.

Now, Roxxe multistore includes 50 pre-designed layouts with ready-made sections. It offers dozens of possible combinations for the homepage for each of the topics.

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    Header Area

  • A mega-powerful Search module that allows navigating through the site with ease. You may search for the specific category within its content, and also, change the category after defining the query.

  • Multi-currency option allows expanding the clients’ base.

  • Header Account feature allows displaying login and registration forms on the website and lets to log in and register using such social networks as Facebook, Google+ which is convenient for website users.

  • Shopping cart at the top of the page.

  • Wishlist block allows adding the desired products to the wishlist to keep in mind and buy them later.

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Homepage Essentials

  • Full-width slider and multiple colorful banners.

  • Featured Products section.

  • Built-in Blog with informative posts.

  • Testimonials section.

  • Collection Lists.

  • Image Gallery.

  • Diverse filter system.

  • Newsletter Subscription Form that allows your clients to stay informed of all new offers, promotions, discounts, and sales you have.

  • Extra links with contact information block, social options for sharing, account info.

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Product Page

  • Product Quick View option.

  • Detailed information powered by various filter possibilities.

  • Product reviews.

  • Product list and grid system.

  • Product social share.

  • Collection of recommended products.

  • Comments system.

  • Moreover, this all-purpose website design eCommerce Shopify theme is page speed optimized. The template pages are optimized for browsers by GTmetrix analyzes. That is mean that your website will be rendered as fast as possible.

This Multistore Online Store Theme has a Responsive and Retina Ready Design

Roxxe multifaceted online store template has a simple responsive design that makes a web page’s of your online store flexible for just about any type of screen resolution. It means the pages of your store will look equally well on all screen resolutions whether it a desktop or a smartphone.

With a multistore eCommerce template, you can build retina ready pages, and the content won’t lose it’s quality even if it`s observed not on the last-generation devices.

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Choose Roxxe Multipurpose Shopify Theme

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Roxxe is a multivarious Shopify theme for developing all types of eCommerce websites. It supports both LTR & RTL languages – you can use any language you want including Arabic, Hebrew, Urdu, etc.

Choosing this theme, you’ll start a website where people can find a wide choice of quality merchandise, simple admin panel, friendly technical service, and guaranteed satisfaction with what they buy.

In the short term, it will get over 5 major updates. You will appreciate the features and advantages of this website templete for the beauty industry, fashion, books, food-related eCommerce store.

Roxxe - Responsive Multipurpose Shopify Theme - 25

Change Log

- 02/05/2022 - Updated Roxxe Furniture skin up to Shopify 2.0 version.
- 26/03/2022 - New Handycraft skin with left sidebar header variation;
- Shopify 2.0 functionality;
- Custom animation of the caption or its elements in Slideshow and other sections (such as an image with text);
- Implementation of dynamic blocks on the product page;
- Advanced Media on Product Page (images, video, youtube, Vimeo, 3D models);
- Implementation of dynamic blocks on the product page. Updating settings and adding new features into blocks;
- Compare Product (Let your clients compare products that fulfill similar needs and help them to make the right choice);
- Call-to-action pop-ups: “just bought”, “recently viewed” (Display user activity on the product page to attract more clients);
- Fixed zoom issues;
- Shopping cart bug fixes on mobile devices;
- Fix minor style bugs.
- 10/12/2021 - Release version_3.4: Added Music Instruments and Christmas Tree Store Skins. Minor bug fixes;
- Update Cart error for discounted products in Roxxe Computer store skin;
- Fixed switch images of product variants issue in Jewelry Store skin 2; 
- Fixed currency display in Winter Extreme Sports skin.
- 02/12/2021 Minor bug fixes:
- Fix switching images of product variants in Roxxe Jewelry Skin2;
- Fix Roxxe Computer skin Cart error for discounted products: translation missing: en.cart.general.savings;
- Fix currency display in Roxxe Winter Extreme Sports skin.
- 23/11/2021 - Release version_3.3: Added Eyewear, and Electro Scooters Store Skins. Minor bug fixes.
- 07/10/2021 - Added banners for Halloween in .fig file.
- /2021 - Release version_3.2: Fixed featured products tabs section layout and listing sale variant price. Added new Roxxe skins: Fresh Market, Tea Store, Halloween Costumes.
- 25/06/2021 - Floatton and FB Messenger by Hura Shopify Applications Integration.
- 31/05/2021 - Release version_3.1: Added Wine Store Skin. Minor bug fixes.
- 15/04/2021 - Release version_3.0: Added Mobile Accessories Store Skin. Fix pets skin footer payment icons.
- 17/03/2021 - Release version_2.9: Added Coffee Store Skin. Minor bugs fixed.
- 16/02/2021 - Release version_2.8: Added American Football Store Skin.
- 06/01/2021 - Release version_2.7: Added Medical Marijuana Store Skin.
- 06/01/2021 - Release version_2.6: Growave Official Shopify Application Integration.
- 11/12/2020 - Release version_2.5: Added Christmas Gifts and Winter Fashion skins.
- 18/11/2020 - Release version_2.4: Added Home Services, Winter Extreme Sports skins.
- 16/10/2020 - Release version_2.3: Added Pharmacy, Flowers, Home Decor skins.
- 30/09/2020 - Release version_2.2: Added Computer, Vape and Gifts Store skins.
- 17/09/2020 - Release version_2.1: Added T-Shirt and Baby Store skins.
- 31/08/2020 - Release version_2.0: Added Wedding, Shoes, Cooking Utensils Skins. Klaviyo Email Marketing, Trust Hero Official Shopify Application Integration.
- 04/08/2020 - Release version_1.9: Added Pets Skin. Exit Intent Popup Official Shopify Application Integrated.
- 21/07/2020 - Release version_1.8: Added Bikes and Smart Gadgets Skins. Email Collection Bar, Quick Announcement Bar Official Shopify Applications Integrated.
- 07/07/2020 - Release version_1.7: Added Perfume and Medical Skins. Ultimate Sales Boost, Free Shipping Bar Official Shopify Applications Integrated.
- 26/06/2020 - Release version_1.6: Added Furniture, Cake Shop, Lingerie, Tools, Fitness and Spa Skins.
- 19/06/2020 - Release version_1.5: Added Jewelry, Kids Toys, Grocery, and Cake Shop Skins.
- 12/06/2020 - Release version_1.4: Added Furniture, Jewelry Skins, new pre-designed sections.
- 05/06/2020 - Release version_1.3: Added Fashion, Furniture, Auto Parts Skins.
- 29/05/2020 - Release version_1.2: Added Fashion, Travel Agency, Vegan Food, Bookstore, Fishing, Print Store Skins.
- 23/05/2020 - Release version_1.1: Added Sportswear, Travel Agency, Bookstore, Fishing, Print Store Skins.
- 15/05/2020 - Release version_1.0: Added Sportswear, Travel Agency, Vegan Food, Bookstore Skins.