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Photographica is a portfolio Tumblr theme aimed for photographers and other creative professionals. It’s versatile and easy to customize.


Responsive Theme

Photographica Homepage

Photographica Photo Post Page


  • Homepage/Tag list with thumbnails
  • Responsive web design / mobile ready
  • All post types
  • Support for Group posting
  • Search
  • Custom colors
  • Google WebFonts
  • Disqus Comments
  • Localization
  • Logo as an image
  • Two navigation areas (primary and secondary) for tags and pages
  • Support for Audio / Video Thumbnails (when available)
  • Photosets Layouts (as option)
  • Lightbox support (full screen zoom)
  • Pages and Ask form supported
  • Customizable navigation (based on tags)
  • Google Analytics ready
  • Hook for footer code
  • Social sharing: Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest
  • Social Network links: Behance, Creative Commons, Dribbble, Facebook, Flickr, Google, Instagram, LinkedIn, Picasa, Pinterest, Tumblr and Twitter.
  • Support for Submit and Ask
  • Continuous support and updates with new features



  • JQuery Library
  • FitVids.js – A lightweight, easy-to-use jQuery plugin for fluid width video embeds.
  • Photoset Grid – jQuery plugin to arrange images into a flexible grid by Jonathan Moore – Style Hatch.
  • JQuery Fullsizable – jQuery plugin to take full available browser space for image viewing.
  • HTML5Shiv (HTML5 IE enabling script) by Remy Sharp
  • ie7-js (A JavaScript library to make MSIE behave like a standards-compliant browser) by Dean Edwards
  • Script to display or hide content in the homepage / Toggle Nav button by Nelson Martins
  • Fontello – icon fonts generator
  • Disqus
  • Google Analytics
  • CSS Reset by Eric Meyer
  • Normalize.css by Nicolas Gallagher
  • Raleway font by Matt McInerney / Pablo Impallari and Rodrigo Fuenzalida | Google WebFonts
  • All photos and illustrations on the demo site by Patricia Carvalho


April 18, 2019 — v1.7

  • Minor CSS fixes to allow the Tumblr bar not to interfere with any UI element

May 29, 2017 — v1.6

  • Added: Thumbnail images on Link posts.

April 7, 2017 — v1.5

  • Added: Support for SSL

v.1.3 (March 13, 2014):

  • Added: 2 extra Nav Tags (total of 9).
  • Added: Group posting compatibility (optional).
  • Added: Support for images tagged ‘instagram’ be in real size.
  • Added: Option to swap primary / secondary navigation.
  • Added: Option to place secondary navigation on footer.
  • Added: Option to reverse pagination.
  • Added: Submit link on top nav (optional).
  • Added: Audio (cover) Thumbnails.
  • Added: Video (image) Thumbnails.
  • Added: Footer Code text field (optional).
  • Fixed: Minor tweaks in the smaller screen view.
  • Fixed: Tags spacing.
  • Updated: Photoset is now using the responsive code.
  • Updated: FitVids to version 1.1.

v.1.2 (June 18, 2013):

  • Added: Answer Post type.
  • Added: Option for logo font size.
  • Added: Option for body text font family and size.
  • Added: Option for titles colors.
  • Fixed: Option for font family and color for text and headings.
  • Changed: Article meta info above Disqus comments.

v.1.1 (June 6, 2013):

  • Added: Disqus Comments (optional).
  • Added: Smaller images on content pages (optional).
  • Added: Option to center tagline.
  • Added: New Like / Reblog buttons.
  • Fixed: Tumblr original photoset layout fixed (optional).
  • Fixed: CSS Share bar (text alignment).
  • Fixed: Logo (text version) spacing in mobile version.
  • Fixed: FitVids include (removed wrapper).
  • Fixed: Remove underline from logo.

v.1.0 (April 22, 2013):

  • Release of this theme.


Please send me any questions that you have or any bugs you find (or any feature that you would like to see added) – to [email protected]. I will be happy to help and would be very useful to keep this theme updated, improved and bug-free.


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