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Course Description

Let’s say you’re building a website that uses lots of icons. How would you implement those on the web? As image files? They worked fine in the past, but not anymore; not with retina displays and responsive websites. Icon fonts are the way to go, and in this course you’ll learn all there is to know about them: what they are, how to use them, and how to make your own.

What You’ll Learn

  • What icon fonts are, how they’re different from normal fonts, and why you should use them.
  • How to embed fonts and use them within your HTML and CSS.
  • The best icon font kits out there.
  • How Bootstrap and Foundation approach icon fonts.
  • Icon fonts vs. SVGs: comparing them in terms of accessibility, performance, browser support, and more.
  • Build your own icon font from scratch.

About the Instructor

Adi Purdila is an expert web designer and developer based in Romania. He’s created more than 30 courses for Envato Tuts+ on every conceivable web design topic, from Bootstrap, WordPress, and Foundation, to Sass and Sketch. You can check out his portfolio, follow him on Twitter, and see his ThemeForest portfolio.