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French startup Klaxoon is currently testing a new product called Board. The company expects to launch Board at some point during the second half of September. Board is a new visual interface that connects directly with video-conferencing services, such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Google Meet.

If you’re not familiar with Klaxoon, the startup wants to make meetings more engaging and little bit less boring. The startup has built a suite of tools tailored for different use cases. There are voting and brainstorming modules, multiple features that let you gather feedback through questions, surveys and more. Meeting organizers can also get feedback and see analytics their meetings.

While Klaxoon already offers interactive whiteboards for your meeting rooms, chances are your team isn’t in the meeting room right now. That’s why Klaxoon started working on Board during lockdown. It is accessible from your phone, tablet and computer.

Board brings together a set of interactive tools in a video call. It adds a blank canvas that you can use to write text, insert images or videos. You can also start with a template and fill it out during the call. Other people joining the call can react using likes, votes or questions.

And here’s what it’ll look like when it launches:

Image Credits: Klaxoon

Given that Klaxoon has been working hard to replace sticky notes and other low-tech solutions used during meetings, the startup seems particularly well-positioned right now. Many companies don’t plan to reopen their offices for the foreseeable future.

Klaxoon has raised around $55 million over the years and now has a team of 240 employees. 15% of Fortune 500 companies use the service.

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