Power windows are frequently problematic. The trouble is usually electrical rather than mechanical. Fixing power windows is simply a process of elimination.

Sometimes, a problem may occur with the door control panels. If the master control is non-functioning but the door windows operate only by their respective panels, then the problem lies with the main panel. If a window does not operate with its individual control but functions with the master control, it is most likely the individual control switch that has an issue. You would also need to find the electrical wire that enters the door and check it for insulation breaks, wear or breakage.

If the problem is narrowed down to the individual window motor at the door, then it will require you to remove the inner panel on that door. There will be bolts or screws that hold the armrest pad in place and plastic push pins that hold the rest of the panel in place. The pushpins can be removed by carefully pulling the panel, evenly, around the perimeter to pull the pins out of their sockets. Most vehicle panels must then be moved upward to be able to remove them from the door. Move the panel aside to gain access to the inside of the door where the window motor is located. Sometimes, an electrical grounding problem is the cause. Simply restoring the ground connection can often repair the function of the window. If you are unable to fix the problem by restoring the ground connection then it may be necessary to replace the window motor completely. After repair, replace the door panel and check to see if all windows and switches are functioning.

If all the power windows stop functioning at the same time, the problem is probably the fuse or breaker. Look in your owner's manual for location of your fuse for the windows and check the condition of the fuse.

Source by Bond Mejeh