Who wants to get free fuel for your vehicle? With oil prices topping $140 per barrel I can almost see the hands waving as you shout, “I do, I do!” Thanks to modern technology free fuel for your car is no longer just a pipe dream. It has become a reality!

Free fuel is possible because a few stubborn scientist wouldn’t give up until they developed the technology to use water as an alternative source of energy for our vehicles. The development uses water and electricity to produce a harmless yet powerful gas called HHO. It will burn more cleanly and efficiently than gasoline. That means a more powerful engine along with cleaner emissions for the environment.

You get this free fuel by using a do it yourself kit that will allow you to assemble a simple conversion that fits on any car. A glass jar, some tubing and a connection to your car battery is all that is required. The blueprint plans and all the necessary equipment will cost you less than a tank of gas, but could save you over $1000 per year! Many users report an increase in mileage of over 200%.

Now the bad news. You won’t be able completely eliminate the use of gasoline. These conversions will use both the HHO and gasoline. The good news is that you will show that great increase in mileage and performance.

The conversion kits are available all over the internet now with the steady rise in gas prices. The other alternative, of course, is to spend $30,000 to $50,000 on a new hybrid car! Not a lot of us have that kind of extra money to spend. That’s what makes this new technology so important. It is affordable and safe for all cars and trucks. I’ve seen the kits priced from around $30 up to $150, or so, with the average price around $50. The parts for assembly will be under $50, so actually, for about the cost of a tank a gas we can begin creating free fuel for our cars and trucks.

I live in an area of the country where gas prices are low compared to others, but they are still $3.85 per gallon at the low end. Experts tell us we can count on $5 per gallon gasoline by year’s end. That’s enough reason to learn how to get free fuel for your vehicle now. While we won’t completely eliminate the need for gasoline, a car that runs with water will cut our gasoline usage, possibly in half. To me, that’s just like free fuel!

Source by Steve Kettle