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EventAdor Event Marketing WordPress Theme
EventAdor Event Marketing WordPress Theme
EventAdor Event Marketing WordPress Theme
EventAdor Event Marketing WordPress Theme

Eventador is a theme that has been built for the websites that are designed for the purpose of carrying out conferences, meetings, exhibitions, events, congresses as well as for the purpose of carrying out event management. In addition to these there can be certain more uses or aims. Eventador provides a great theme for such websites on which the company or the business can set its website that are in relation with the above mentioned purposes.

There are so many who carry out the business of planning and keeping meetings and conferences online through their websites. So such a theme helps create greatly attractive as well as effective and efficient websites that will serve the purpose of the user in the best way possible. Eventador like themes let you do this perfectly.

Why is the theme so special?

The theme namely Eventador is an Event Conference Marketing WordPress Theme. So the theme is ultimately serving the marketing requirements of the companies which offer to their customers websites to arrange their meetings and events.
The theme is this special for many reasons some of which can be the nature of the theme that it is a completely responsive theme. It is based on the Twitter Bootstrap 4.0 framework. The theme Eventador is a retina ready theme that is easy to customize. Hence one can easily and with lesser efforts and time, create his or her website and make it ready to be used for the customers.

Eventador is a template that is a premium landing page template. Its features make it that special. The theme is just the perfect one that will cater to all your requirements regarding marketing for websites in relation with event management as well as discussion related meetings. Eventador is one of the greatly designed themes that are created with the sole purpose of letting the customers enjoy the most informative as well as attractive website.

Demos that are ready to use

There are about twelve demos that you can go through to get a better idea of the theme. Because they are ready to use demos, they can be easily and appropriately used to create your website. So customization can be done with these all of these demos you get to select anyone for your event. These demos are as follows:

  • Web design conference
  • Business conference
  • Eventador conference or classic conference
  • Marketing Summit titled Business Meets Innovations
  • Technology Event titled EVNTDoR 2018 International Conference
  • Business Meetup titled Business Meets Innovations
  • Web Marketing Summit
  • Digital World titled Graphic Design Conference
  • Web Seminar
  • Classic Event titled EVENT ADOR
  • Design Conference
  • Blockchain Summit

These twelve demos are ready to serve so many purposes whether it is about classic conferences or management of certain events. They help you carry out graphics related meetings along with those related to the digital world.
Next, there are a number of event ready pages that you can add to your websites. These are called the inner pages. So have a look at these.

Additional Inner Pages Available

The theme Eventador allows you some pages that have already been prepared by their team. These have been built to assist you with website creation in less time with lesser efforts. These are called inner pages which can directly be used on the websites of yours.

<strongFollowing are the additional inner pages that are eleven in number:

  • About the event: Here you can give why one should prefer Eventador and who will be benefitted with it. Descriptions on the use of listening to the leaders and getting value being the partners can be given.
  • Blog listing: Here one can do blog listing. People want to read blogs to get a better idea of the upcoming events.
  • Blog post: Post a blog that is in relation with your event or conference.
  • Speakers-1: Inform your audience or users who would be the speakers.
  • Speakers-2: With this one, you can inform your audience or users about more speakers.
  • Speakers-3: Inform your users who would be the other speakers.
  • Speaker details: Let your customers know the details of the speakers that will make them make better judgements.
  • Buy tickets: This will allow them to book their seats for the event.
  • Event schedule: Description of the schedule is mentioned here.
  • Event sponsors: Who the sponsors are, is the question some want to know.
  • Venue and hotels: Details of the venue is important for the people who plan to attend the event. Maps are also used here.

Hence, there are inner pages for varying purposes that can be related to mentioning about the event, the speakers who will be speaking during that meeting or conference. Also there are pages to let you give details of the tickets for the viewers plus address and hotel names besides others.

The theme carries great features that make it so valuable for your websites.

Features of Eventador

Following are the special features of Eventador:

  • Booking tickets availability is there
  • Live customize theme that lets you customize the theme yourself
  • Boxed, wide layout
  • Drag and Drop page builder plugin
  • Just one click demo content so that you get to see the matter at a single click
  • Validity in case of HTML5/CSS3 W3C
  • Basis of Twitter Bootstrap 4.0.0
  • Custom Post Type: schedule, speaker.
  • Fully responsive layout (for all – mobile phones, tablets and PCs)
  • Clean and ultra-modern design
  • Twelve layout styles
  • Working get direction button
  • Embedding responsive Google map
  • SEO optimized page layouts (for example the use of headings)
  • Commented code is easy and user friendly
  • Modern as well as responsive mobile navigation
  • Eleven inner pages as an addition (mentioned above)
  • Pricing tables, event speakers integration and event schedule
  • Countdown plugin integration
  • Font Awesome icons that amount to more than 630 in number
  • Google analytics ready
  • Cross browser compatibility
  • Google fonts
  • Magnific Popup lightbox plugin integration
  • Finally, documentation that is easy to understand.


The theme Eventador can fully serve all your requirements of creating a great website. It has been made to serve all your purposes while you use it to build one website for your business.

Update Theme

Version 1.1.7
- Update WPBakery (Visual Composer) 6.9.0

Version 1.1.6
- Update WPBakery (Visual Composer) 6.8.0

Version 1.1.5
- Update WPBakery (Visual Composer) 6.7.0

Version 1.1.4
- Update WPBakery (Visual Composer) 6.4.1

Version 1.1.3
- Update WPBakery (Visual Composer) 6.1.0

Version 1.1.2 - 27 August 2019
- Update Visual Composer Plugin Version 6.0.5

Version 1.1.1 - 01 APR 2018
- Update Visual Composer Plugin Version 5.6
- Update Outdate File Woocommerce
- Update Checkout Form Style

Version 1.1.0 - 20 December 2018
- Update Visual Composer Plugin Version 5.6