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Course Description

Are your websites bombproof? Today’s Internet is a minefield of technology mixing and matching, where a single website can be viewed in hundreds of different ways. If you’re not prepared, your sites just might explode! In Bombproof Web Design you’ll learn the keys to creating websites your visitors will love no matter how they access the internet. Let’s begin!

What You’ll Learn

  • The seven aspects of cross compatibility.
  • How to assess your user base.
  • How to decide which technologies to use.
  • How to detect various setups and what to do when a user has no functional JavaScript or is using a problem browser.
  • How to make a full assessment of your web typography before you incorporate it into your project.
  • How to how to leverage CSS preprocessors and prefixes quickly and easily.
  • How to implement base font size control.
  • How to create accessible sites.
  • How and why you should test your sites for accessibility and compatibility.

About the Instructor

Kezz Bracey is a designer and coder who specializes in web design and development. Her two focus areas are theme development for WordPress, Ghost, and many other themeable platforms, and on finding the latest, most efficient, user focused design and development techniques. You can follow her on Twitter.