We are introducing Black & White Labels Bootstrap Templates. As you might have noticed, the name says
templates, as in multiple, and not one. That is no accident because we are offering you 2 templates instead of one: the black version and the white version.

Black & White Labels Multipurpose Template - 1

How can you view both of them?

In the top menu, when moving your mouse over the Home button, you will see a drop-down menu with two color choices and you’ll be able to pick the one you like. See screen below:

Black & White Labels Multipurpose Template - 2

This is a multipurpose template that can be used for any kind of work, be it corporate or a freelancer, design agency or a blog, portfolio or a magazine, your imagination is the limit. It has six pages on the main menu, which is located at the top. Home, Sections, and Blog have dropdown menus for Black & white style, design department, pricelist, and other features and blog post №, respectively. It has a working gallery with categories, the amount of which you can manage on your own and a working contact form to make communication with your potential customers and visitors easier.

Black & White Labels Multipurpose Template - 3
Black & White Labels Multipurpose Template - 4

This template has a simple, clear and minimalistic design, which seems to be all the rage nowadays. These exact design choices are what make this template perfect for everyone. We wanted to create a website template that would suit most people, no matter what theme it was, what design elements it had and what colors it had, which is exactly why we created 2 versions – black and White as mentioned above.

One of the most important features that websites need nowadays is device responsiveness. Computers are not the only machines able to access the internet anymore. People use smartphones, tablets, laptops, even smartwatches, and iPods, more often than PCs, which is exactly what drove us to make this template device responsive – it changes the design according to the device it is viewed from, hence it looks good on any of them.

Black & White Labels Multipurpose Template - 5

As you can see it is a simple HTML Bootstrap template, for this template customization you need any HTML editor like Adobe Dreamweaver or any other. If we get some requests from our customers for an easier-to-manage version of this template, we will create a WordPress version as well.

NOTE: All of the images that you see on the demo preview page are NOT included in the template package, they are for demonstration purposes only.