The year’s already off to a rocky start for hardware companies, and we’re only beginning to see the true impact COVID-19 will ultimately have on the market. Arm — the U.K. company behind the designs of chips for everyone from Apple to Qualcomm to Samsung — is hoping to kickstart developing by offering up access to around 75% of its chip portfolio for free to qualified startups.

The move marks an expansion of the company’s Flexible Access program. With it, Arm will open access to its IP for early-stage startups. While some of the biggest companies pay the chip designer big bucks for that information, the cost can be prohibitive for those just starting out.

“In today’s challenging business landscape, enabling innovation is critical – now more than ever, startups with brilliant ideas need the fastest, most trusted route to success and scale,” SVP Dipti Vachani, said in a statement. “Arm Flexible Access for Startups offers new silicon entrants a faster, more cost-efficient path to working prototypes, resulting in strengthened investor confidence for future funding.”

It’s a nice bit of access for up and coming startups. Of course, Arm’s not simply doing this out of the goodness of its heart. The company certainly has a vested interest in helping foster hardware startups amid what could shape up to be an unprecedented slowdown for the industry after a few years of rapid funding and growth.

Interested parties can access the full list of available IP here. Arm believes the launch of Flexible Access for Startups could help companies accelerate time to market by up to a year.

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