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Alacarte is a great Sketch Restaurant & Cafe & Daily Catering App designed for food delivery business and any kind of subscription catering services. It contains all 47 screens in layered and organized elements. Each screen fully customizable, easy to use and carefully assembled in Sketch. This template is ready to use for iOS app.


  • 47 Screen Layouts
  • Pixel Perfect
  • 100% Vector and Customizable
  • Layered & Well Organized
  • San Francisco Fonts
  • Designed based on 1x iPhone X Screen Resolutions (375×812)
  • Designed in Sketch

Pages Included

  1. home cafe
  2. home coffee 2
  3. restaurant 1
  4. restaurant 2
  5. about us
  6. accordion
  7. blog grid 1
  8. blog grid 2
  9. blog grid 3
  10. blog single audio post
  11. blog single link post
  12. blog single quote post
  13. blog single standard post
  14. blog single video post
  15. blog standard list blog
  16. blog standard sidebar left
  17. blog standard sidebar right
  18. button
  19. client
  20. contact 1
  21. contact 2
  22. contact form
  23. countdown
  24. event 10
  25. event list
  26. event single
  27. faq
  28. gallery 2 colum
  29. gallery 3 colum
  30. gallery 4 colum
  31. gallery masonry
  32. guest book
  33. menu card
  34. menu classic
  35. menu modern copy
  36. menu modern
  37. menu simple
  38. our chef
  39. our service
  40. product single addtional info
  41. product single cmt
  42. product single description
  43. reservation
  44. shop 3 colunm
  45. shop 4 colunm
  46. tabs
  47. teammember

How to Use Sketch Files

Add or Replace Images: Select the Layers Group section of Artboard, double click on the Layer with Mask name, and you can adjust on the right side by clicking “Select Image”. You can also edit any text, color or any font file by double click and change the same.

Layer Structure:

As you can see in the images below, we created some folders which was named clearly based on its position in the layout and all of them are well organized.

We will expand the folders to see inside. All the layers are also named clearly. You will know exactly where this layer is belonged by its name.

This template has following fonts:

Credits & Sources



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