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The WSJ is reporting that Airbnb is expected to price its IPO at either $67 or $68 per share. The American hospitality unicorn raised its IPO price target earlier this week, from $44 to $50 to $56 to $60.

While we’re still waiting for official pricing, Airbnb is worth $41 billion at its IPO price, using the upper pricing estimate and the company’s share count of 602,448,251 from its most recent S-1/A filing. That figure rises sharply if we included more than 50 million shares that could be added to the mix upon the exercise of vested employee options. The company’s fully diluted valuation at its IPO price was calculated to be $47 billion.

Axios reports that Airbnb raised $3.5 billion at its fully diluted valuation.

Regardless of how you prefer to value the company, its worth has risen sharply from an early pandemic nadir of $18 billion. After COVID-19 ravaged the company’s business, it laid off staff and took on external capital.

Since the end of Q1 and the first months of Q2, Airbnb has recovered, allowing it to file to go public and earn its highest valuation to date.

The company’s pricing comes after both DoorDash and each priced above their own raised ranges, and saw their shares skyrocket in the first day’s trading. Some exuberance was therefore not unexpected.

Airbnb starts trading tomorrow morning. More then.

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