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Get ready to spend two days rubbing virtual elbows with the global mobility community’s best and brightest minds and makers. TC Sessions: Mobility 2020 takes place October 6-7, and we’ve packed the agenda with experts, interviews, demos, panel discussions, breakout sessions and a metric ton of opportunity.

Speaking of opportunity, savvy startuppers know to take advantage of every one that comes along, especially when faced with unprecedented challenges and a tanked economy. Jump on board and buy your passes here. Pro tip: we offer both group and student discounts.

If you’re still on the fence (sheesh, tough room), here are five excellent reasons you should attend TC Sessions: Mobility 2020.

Leading voices

Experts. You want ‘em, and we’ve got ‘em. You into autonomous cars? We’ve got Waymo’s Tekedra Mawakana and Argo AI’s Bryan Salesky. Trucks? We’ve got Ike’s Nancy Sun and TuSimple’s Xiaodi Hou. Micromobility? We’ve got Lyft’s Dor Levi and Elemental Excelerator’s Danielle Harris. That’s just for starters and the list goes on and on. Check the agenda here.


Mobility is a fast-moving target, and success depends in large part on your ability to spot possibilities before they turn into full-blown trends. TC Sessions: Mobility experts and attendees span the mobility and transportation tech spectrum. It’s where you need to be to figure out what’s coming next.

“Attending TC Sessions: Mobility helps us keep an eye on what’s coming around the corner. It uncovers crucial trends so we can identify what we should be thinking about before anyone else.” — Jeff Johnson, vice president of enterprise sales and solutions at FlashParking.

Global networking with CrunchMatch

CrunchMatch, our free, AI-powered networking platform (think speed dating for techies) makes connecting with like-minded attendees quick and painless — no matter where they’re located. A virtual conference means global participation, and you might just find your next customer, partner, investor or engineer living on a different continent. It takes only one connection to move your business forward.

“TC Sessions: Mobility isn’t just an educational opportunity, it’s a real networking opportunity. Everyone was passionate and open to creating pilot programs or other partnerships. That was the most exciting part. And now — thanks to a conference connection — we’re talking with Goodyear’s Innovation Lab.” — Karin Maake, senior director of communications at FlashParking.

The early-stage expo

More than 40 early-stage startups will showcase their mobility tech in our virtual expo. Peruse the exhibitors, peek at their pitch decks, schedule a demo, start a conversation and see where it leads.

Pitch Night

For the first time, TechCrunch will select 10 early-stage mobility startups to compete on October 5, and the top five founders will get to pitch the next day on the Main stage. Get more details here, and if you want in, apply here before September 15.

TC Sessions: Mobility 2020 takes place October 6-7, and we just laid out five reasons why your should join us. Grab all the opportunity and drive (autonomously or otherwise) your business forward.

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