According to a Dolby’s global survey, 81% of people are planning to improve their living room entertainment experience post-COVID-19. So, if this pandemic has got you questioning your digital entertainment choices, too, here is a guide to bringing the theater experience to your home. From gaming to betting, these tips will help you build the perfect digital home entertainment spot no matter where you live.

10 tips to create your digital home entertainment spot


1. Find your comfort zone

The first step is to select a well-lit spot with plenty of room to move around. Make sure that the space is free from outside light. Additionally, it should be large enough to comfortably house the television set and other components without being cluttered.

2. Procure a system

When shopping, keep in mind that more isn’t always better. You can opt for a one-box system with built-in subwoofers or get extravagant. We recommend not spending too much on your first digital home entertainment spot as you can always upgrade to a better system once you are comfortable with your entire setup.

3. Find a trusted website for sports betting

Although technology has made online gaming safer, it is crucial to use a trusted website that will take care of your money and give you the right experience when you are betting. For instance, a site like FanDuel is legal and licensed and ensures that your sports betting experience is fun and safe.

4. Install a reliable internet connection

To ensure you have an uninterrupted sports experience, you need to stay connected with the world via a reliable network. We recommend opting for a wireless connection. They are convenient, easy to install and help you keep your place well-organized.

5. Invest in a good sound system

A high-quality sound system is the heart of any digital home entertainment system. Buying surround sound systems can make the room come alive and offer you a fully immersive experience.

6. Keep your setup ventilated

As the number of multimedia devices grows, the surge of wires can also leave the home theatre system susceptible to fire and electric shock. Here’s a pro tip – a rack is better than a cabinet when it comes to your A/V setup. It helps keep all the wires in place as well as ensures that your system does not heat up.

7. Invest in dark walls

You can’t enjoy your digital home entertainment system amid all the light peeking through. Going for a dark color scheme can help you combat pesky light reflection and enhance your experience.

8. Plan your décor

Start by soundproofing your room. If you can’t install soundproof panels, you could install separate drapes and rungs. And since you will be spending a lot of time in your room, opt for comfortable seating.

9. Choose your furniture wisely

Furniture set for entertainment rooms can make the difference between an average weekend and a memorable, entertaining experience. Optimize your space by choosing the right storage with ample space to accommodate all your prized possessions.

10. Go big or go home

Besides high-quality sound, buying a big screen should be your other major investment. Although ‘big screen’ is the keyword here, a good rule of thumb to follow when choosing your TV is that it should offer you a full view even within a 10 feet distance.

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Creating your digital home entertainment spot can be a thrilling experience. But make sure you plan and optimize your budget before you go on a spending spree to enhance your building experience.